Heli Jantunen

Full Professor, University of Oulu, Finland.

Title : Recent progress in Electroceramic materials for high frequency applications


In recent decade, the development of electroceramic materials and their feasibility for high frequency applications has progress very fast. Over 300 Ultra-Low Temperature Cofired Ceramics (ULTCC) have been reported enabling multilayer and multimaterial integrations even at 300 oC. Most of these compositions have very competitive dielectric loss values with adjustable relative permittivity. Also fist attempts to fabricate ULTCCs with e.g. ferroelectric properties have been introduces. On the other hand, Room Temperature Fabrication technique to realize electroceramic compositions without sintering at all is very promising opportunity e.g. to integrate them even with temperature sensitive materials or substrates. Additionally, RTF enables complex 3D structures like curved antennas with very accurate dimensions just by pressing or making devices by 2D/3D printing. Both ULTCC and RTF techniques provide a chance to make also low loss dielectrics with ultra-low permittivity needed at higher frequencies. Furthermore, the energy consumption in the components’ fabrication phase can be decreased


Heli Jantunen received the M. Sc. Degree in Astronomy and Physics, Faculty of Sciences in 1982, the Diploma in education in 1985, and the M. Sc. Degree in Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Technology in 1989, University of Oulu, Finland. After being 10 years in industry as a project managers and managing directors, she joined the Microelectronics and Materials Physics Laboratories, University of Oulu in 1999 and received the Dr. Science (Tech.) degree in Microelectronics (with honours) in 2001.

She is Full Professor with the University of Oulu, Finland, in Technical Physics. Since 2004, she has been also the Head of Electronics Materials, Packaging and Reliability Techniques (EMPART) Research Group of Infotech Oulu, since 2008 Leader of the Microelectronics Research Unit (total amount of staff ~ 50, earlier Microelectronics and Materials Physics laboratories). She has been also the Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering 1.8.2011-31.12.2015 (total amount of staff ~110). The research of her group focuses on electronics fabrication techniques, development of novel ICT electronics, especially RF applications by implementation of advanced microwave and functional materials, structures and nanotechnology into multifunctional micromodules and printed electronics devices.  The main interests within the materials research, their characterization and development cover dielectric, ferroelectric and piezoelectric ceramics, polymers and their composites in form of bulk, multilayers structures, printed inks. She is or has been engaged in research projects supported nationally (Finnish Funding Agency of Technology and Innovation, Academy of Finland) and internationally (Nordic Innovation Centre, EU, Matera ERA.Net). In 2012-2018 she is devoted to her ERC (European Research Council) Advanced Grant and two ERC POC projects. She has been invited/keynote speaker, session chair and/or scientific committee member in ~40 international scientific conferences, general chair of the International Conference of Microwave Materials and their Applications in 2006, reviewer of scientific papers and she holds over 70 national and international patents with 2 patent applications. She has supervised several Doctoral and Masters’ students and has over 250 scientific journal publications (4382 citations (without self-citations), h-index 34, ISI Web of Science on the 2nd of March 2020 (Scopus: h-index 35, citations 5270, Google Scholar: h-index 44, citations 7420). Additionally, she has been accepted as an Academician to the World Academy of Ceramics (WAC) in its 15th election in 2013. In 2018 she received also Nokia Foundation’s Recognition Award, and in 2019 Finnish Science Award and Innovation Award for Women, and is Honorary International Chair Professor of National Taipei University of Technology (1.1.2017-31.12.2019), Member of the Academy of Technical Sciences 2014-, amount of members under 65 years old members is limited to 250, Honorary Doctor of the University of Linköping, Sweden, 9.3.2014, and received White Rose of Finland Knight First Class granted in 2013

Prof. Jantunen has been Research Council member for Natural Sciences and Engineering, Academy of Finland (2010-2015), and is the General Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of Finnish Defence (Matine, 2013-2018), and steering committee member of research and technology programs and/or strategic planning groups of the Academy of Finland, the Finnish Funding Agency of Technology and Innovation (Tekes). Additionally, she has been member of Joint Programming Board of transnational MNT ERA-NET, Science and Innovation Council of ERA.Net Rus, Representatives Committee of WoodWisdom-Net/ERA-NET Bioenergy, an international evaluator of research applications recommended by the Academy of Finland, member of several industry, research institute and research funding organization delegates to Japan, Russia, UK, Taiwan and France, and vice chair of the steering committee of “Nanotehcnology of Finland” (FinNano) of the TEKES, and chair of the steering committees of FinNano program and Programmable Materials program (Academy of Finland).

Address : National School of Applied Sciences, ibn Tofail University Campus universitaire, P. Box 241, Kenitra, 14000, Morocco

Email : isaect2020@uit.ac.ma

Phone : 00212666396287