Rim Moussa

Professor at University of Carthage, Tunisia


Title: Transportation in the New Era of Data Intelligence:  Challenges, Mandate, Experiences and Research Agenda


The new era of ground, maritime and air transportation promotes intelligence in analytic of big trajectory data, in order to increase systems’ autonomy, safety and productivity.
A large volume of sensor networks and trajectories of mobile objects are collected. Such data offer us high value knowledge to understand moving objects and locations, fostering a broad range of applications in smart cities, enabling intelligent transportation systems and intelligent urban computing. Consequently, we need to engineer scalable and smart Trajectory Data Analytic Systems in order to analyse both historical data and real-time data flows. Trajectory data feature characteristics, which traditional systems cannot handle, such as high volume, high velocity and high variety as well as veracity concerns.
In this keynote, we first present a mandate for intelligent transportation in the big data era. In the second part we share the outcome of our projects for smart maritime, ground and aircraft transportation. Finally we present a research agenda.

Short Biography:
Rim Moussa is a tenured associate professor at University of Carthage, and researcher at LaTICE lab.. She is also habilitated as associate professor in Computer Science Engineering by the the French National Council of Universities. She received her M.Sc. and Ph.D in Computer Science (Scalable and Distributed Data Management Systems) from Université Paris IX Dauphine (France) under the supervision of Pr. Witold LITWIN.
She ensures both undergraduate and graduate lectures, related to databases, distributed data management systems, business intelligence fundamentals and practices: Data Warehousing
and OLAP, NoSQL databases, GIS and Spatial databases, and Cloud Computing & High
Performance Computing (Big Data, Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark..).
She participated to multiple R&D projects (SDDS, ICONS -CERIA, HA Grid -CERN, GORDA -USI, WebArchive -InternetMemory, DataScale PIA -Inria). Her current research interests include Scalable and Distributed Data Management systems, Multidimensional data modeling and querying, Big Data Architectures at scale and Spatial Computing at scale.

Address : National School of Applied Sciences, ibn Tofail University Campus universitaire, P. Box 241, Kenitra, 14000, Morocco

Email : isaect2020@uit.ac.ma

Phone : 00212666396287