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Paper Submission

October 29, 2021

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Acceptance Notification

November 5, 2021

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Camera-ready Submission

November 15, 2021

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Author registration

November 20, 2021

Session 1: Power & Energy

Paper ID: 25 

Techno-Economic Assessment of Different Solar PV Configurations for a Typical House in  Dhahran 

Jaafar Alboali, Abdullah Alsuwaid, Mustafa Aljafar and Muhammad Khalid

Paper ID: 31 

Power Sharing and Parallel Inverters Control in Islanded Microgrids 

Leila Ammeh, Hassan El Fadil, Fouad Giri and Tarek Ahmed-Ali 

Paper ID: 37 

Induction Motor DTC Performance Improvement by Reducing Flux and Torque Ripples in Low  Speed 

Yassine Zahraoui, Mohamed Akherraz and Sara Elbadaoui 

Paper ID: 53 

An Overview and Practical Consideration of Common Lithium-ion Battery Cell Models Ala Hussein 

Paper ID: 58 

Application of 5G Technology in Operation of Virtual Power Plants and Demand Response Javad Jazaeri 

Paper ID: 64 

De-loaded Low-Voltage Ride-Through Control and Primary Frequency Control for AC-Microgrid  based PMSG Enhanced by Battery 

Assia Mahrouch and Mohammed Ouassaid 

Paper ID: 54 

Enhanced EKF Method for State-of-Charge Estimation of Electric Vehicles’ Li-ion Batteries  under Highly Dynamic Power Profiles 

Ala Hussein, Ali Wadi and Mamoun Abdel-Hafez

Paper ID: 115 

Robust Sliding Mode Hybrid Controller against Mechanical Parameter Inaccuracy of a Wind  Energy Conversion System based on a Doubly Fed Inductance Generator 

Nabil Dahri, Mohammed Ouassaid and Driss Yousfi 

Paper ID: 143 

Experimental Evaluation of Fuzzy-Sliding Mode Control Applied to a Single Phase VSI for  Photovoltaic Application 

Khalid Chigane and Mohammed Ouassaid 

Paper ID: 65 

Improvement of Energy Consumption of an Electric Bus with Loss Minimization Martin Novak and Jaroslav Novak 

Paper ID: 66 

Modeling and Simulation of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor under the Vector  Control Topology 

Naoui Mohamed, Aymen Flah, Mouna Ben Hamed and Lassaad Sbita 

Paper ID: 69 

Experimental Investigations of a CFLs Currents Harmonics Injection into an Electrical Network  Grid 

Mohamed Hajjej, Mohamed Naoui and Lassaad Sbita 

Paper ID: 71 

A Four-Legged H-Bridge Inverter Topology for Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Muhammad Muneeb, Khurram Karim Qureshi and Umar Farooq 

Paper ID: 79 

Modeling and Control of a Wind Energy System Connected to the Grid 

Aymen Flah, Hajer Gaied and Marcos Tostado Véliz

Paper ID: 85 

A Fuzzy-Based Multisource Power Management Control of Isolated Mini-Grid Haythem Ben Messoud, Naoui Mohamed and Aymen Flah 

Paper ID: 86 

Proposed Mitigation Techniques for Non-Compliance Challenges of a Grid-Connected  Photovoltaic Plant 

Theunis Duvenhage and Khaled Abo-Al-Ez 

Paper ID: 90 

Pilot DC Distance Scheme for MVDC Zonal Shipboard Microgrid 

Asmaa M. Aboelezz, Bishoy E. Sedhom and Magdi M. El-Saadawi 

Paper ID: 107 

Analysis Study of City Obstacles Shading Impact on Solar PV Vehicle 

Marwa Ben Said-Romdhane, Sondes Skander-Mustapha and Ilhem Slama-Belkhodja

Paper ID: 110 

SiC MOSFET Avalanche Breakdown Voltage Model for Temperature and Gate Voltage  Dependence 

Álvaro Llamazares, Miguel García-Gracia, Susana Martín-Arroyo and José Antonio Cebollero

Paper ID: 112 

Cleaning Photovoltaic Solar Panels by Drone Aerodynamic 

Mohamed Mohandes, Shafigur Rehman, Wael Suliman and Floris Schulze

Paper ID: 92 

Predictability of Wind Speed with Heights using Recurrent Neural Networks  Mohamed Mohandes, Shafiq Rehman, Hilal Nuha and Floris Schulze

Session 2: Communication & Information Technologies

Paper ID: 1 

Reconfigurable Filter Based on Two-dimensional Materials 

Aymen Hlali and Hassen Zairi 

Paper ID: 7 

A 22nm CMOS 2.4-5.25GHz Mixer Resilient to Out-of-Band Blockers 

Yuan Liang, Zhiqun Li, Dong Chen, Xiaowei Wang and Zhennan Li 

Paper ID: 13 

Integration of a non-3GPP Satellite Interface in a 5G Multiple Access Configuration Cesare Roseti 

Paper ID: 14 

VoIP CODEC Assessment and Performance Evaluation in Satellite-Based Scenarios Francesco Zampognaro, Renato Aurigemma and Walter Munarini 

Paper ID: 15 

Development of a Testing Emulation Platform for the Validation and Design of 5G Satellite  Services 

Mattia Quadrini 

Paper ID: 41 

SVR Based Design of Triple Band Rectangular Microstrip Antenna for WLAN and 5G  Applications 

Mahmud Esad Yiğit, Gülay Öke Günel and Tayfun Günel 

Paper ID: 103 

Impact of Antenna Spacing on Differential Spatial Modulation and Spatial Modulation for 5G Based Compact Wireless Devices 

Sagarkumar Patel, Amit Patel, Dharmendra Chauhan, Alpesh Vala, Keyur Mahant and Hiren  Mewada

Paper ID: 113 

Robust Speech Emotion Recognition System through Novel ER-CNN and Spectral Features Muhammad Zeeshan, Huma Ayub and Farman Hassan 

Paper ID: 142 

A Review on the Prediction of Energy Consumption in the Industry Sector based on Machine  Learning Approaches 

Mouad Bahij, Moussa Labbadi, Mohamed Cherkaoui, Chakib Chatri, Ali Elkhatiri and Achraf  Elouerghi 

Paper ID: 44 

Study of Microstrip Multiplexers for Satellite Communication Systems 

Saleh Komies, Abdulaziz Alshaya and Khaled Aliqab 

Paper ID: 49 

Specification, Verification, and Calibration of Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA)  Antennas 

Marco Lisi 

Paper ID: 57 

One Tcall: An Innovative VoIP Communications System Enabled by the Presence of a Satellite  Link 

Salvatore Schiano Lo Moriello and Renato Aurigemma 

Paper ID: 59 

Incremental Least Mean Square CDMA Diffusion-Based Over Multitask Networks Ali Al-Mohammedi and Mohamed Deriche 

Paper ID: 95 

Crowd Anomaly Detection Systems using RFID and WSN Review 

  1. Raad, A. Hussein, M. Mohandes, B. Liu and A. Al-Shaikhi
Paper ID: 105 

Sensor Node Selection Technique in Wireless Rechargeable Sensor Networks for Cyber physical Systems 

Efe Orumwense and Khaled Abo-Al-Ez 

Paper ID: 116 

Demystifying LoRa Wireless Technology for IoT Applications: Concept to Experiment Pradeep Reddy G. and Pavan Kumar Y. V. 

Paper ID: 136 

Design of New Inset Fed Circular Patch Antenna with Gain Enhancement Chemkha Hichem and Belkacem Afif 

Paper ID: 141 

Review on Ultra Low Power Receiver Front-end Design 

Neeraja Pasupuleti, Ganesh Lakshmana Kumar Moganti and Sameeulla Khan Md

Session 3: Modeling, Control & Simulation

Paper ID: 2 

PSO-MPPT Control Loop for Improving the PV System 

Mayssa Rayhani, Aymen Flah and Marcos Tostado Véliz 

Paper ID: 3 

A Consumer Producer Method Based Solar Home System in Bangladesh: Modelling,  Challenges, and Prospects 

Md. Sazal Miah, Md. Maidul Islam, Molla Shahadat Hossain Lipu and Aini Hussain

Paper ID: 16 

Development of Ultra-Wide-Band Indoor Positioning System Designed to Control the Position  of a Grid Confined Robotic Platform 

Ahmed Alghuraid, Adel Almalki, Ahmad Alnaim, Ali Almubarak, Sadiq Alhuwaidi, Ahmed Abul  Hussain and Mohammed Alsubaie 

Paper ID: 23 

Movie Subtitle Document Classification Using Unsupervised Machine Learning Approach 

Md. Mehedi Hasan, Sadia Tamim Dip, T. M. Kamruzzaman, Mst Sonia Akter, Imrus Salehin and  Nazmun Nessa Moon 

Paper ID: 30 

Multilabel Movie Genre Classification from Movie Subtitle: Parameter Optimized Hybrid  Classifier 

Md. Mehedi Hasan, Sadia Tamim Dip, Mst Sonia Akter, Imrus Salehin and Nazmun Nessa Moon

Paper ID: 42 

Multiwall Carbon Nanotube Time Delay Section 

Tayfun Günel, Mahmud Esad Yiğit and Gülay Öke Günel 

Paper ID: 63 

Hybrid Storage System for Controlling Wind Uncertainty 

Ibrahim Alotaibi, Ibrahim Elamin, Mohammad Abido and Muhammad Khalid

Paper ID: 73 

Fall Detection System using Novel Median Deviated Ternary Patterns and SVM Babar Younis, Ali Javed and Farman Hassan 

Paper ID: 74 

Predicting Nodes for Effectively Spreading Vaccine Awareness: An Influence Maximization  Approach 

Mithileysh Sathiyanarayanan 

Paper ID: 76 

Black Box System for Car/Driver Monitoring to Decrease the Reasons of Road Crashes 

Mohammed Karrouchi, Ismail Nasri, Hajar Snoussi, Ilias Atmane, Abdelhafid Messaoudi and  Kamal Kassmi 

Paper ID: 82 

Adaptive Fine-tuning for Deep Transfer Learning based Traffic Signs Classification Ismail Nasri, Abdelhafid Messaoudi, Kamal Kassmi, Mohammed Karrouchi and Hajar Snoussi

Paper ID: 91 

Air Quality and Nuclear Radiation Monitoring in Bangladesh – A Part of Smart City Planning Md. Sazal Miah, Md. Atiqur Rahman and Md.Mosaaraf Hossain 

Paper ID: 135 

Arduino Based PI Control for a Nonlinear TITO System using LabVIEW 

Kalyan Chakravarthi M., Pavan Kumar Y. V., John Pradeep D., Pradeep Reddy Ch., A. Vaishnavi  and N. S. Greeshma Reddy 

Paper ID: 139 

ARIMA Based Forecasting of Stream Flows of Three Georges Dam for efficient Water Resource  Planning and Management 

Dola Gupta, Amlan Chakrabarti and Jyoti Gautam

Paper ID: 140 

A Nonlinear Regression-Based Approach for Estimating the Relaxation Parameters of GPR  Traces 

Saeed Aljabri and Dr. Mohamed Deriche 

Paper ID: 97 

Analysis of the Acceleration of Deep Learning Inference Models on a Heterogeneous  Architecture based on OpenVino 

Fatima Zahra Guerrouj, Mohamed Abouzahir, Mustapha Ramzi and El Mehdi Abdali

Paper ID: 118 

Viral Pneumonia Detection Using Modified GoogleNet through Lung X-rays Muhammad Saad Ullah, Huma Ayub and Farman Hassan 

Paper ID: 123 

Quantitative Analysis on Open-Loop PI Tuning Methods for Liquid Level Control 

Sandeep Rao K., John Pradeep D., Pavan Kumar Y. V., Kalyan Chakravarthi M. and Pradeep  Reddy Ch. 

Paper ID: 125 

Detecting Port Scan Attacks using Logistic Regression 

Qasem Abu Al-Haija, Eyad Saleh and Mohammad Alnabhan 

Paper ID: 126 

Heterogenous Mouse Phantom with Water Tumor Model for Ionizing Imaging Machines Norah Alqahtani, Lujain Alsubaie, Latifa Aljaafari, Rand Aljurais, Lama Alagil and Gameel Saleh

Session 4: Emerging Technologies & Applications

Paper ID: 11 

Aerodynamic Performance of Advanced Ingenuity and Dragonfly Drones for Future Mars and  Titan Space Missions 

Osama Ata 

Paper ID: 17 

Wideband LNA in 0.18 µm CMOS Technology 

Amit Patel, Jitendra Chaudhari, Hiren Mewada, Keyur Mahant, Jawad F. Al Asad and Alpesh  Vala 

Paper ID: 21 

Toward Agriculture 4.0: Smart Farming Environment based on Robotic and IoT Ayad Soheyb, Telli Abdelmoutia and Labib Sadek Terrissa 

Paper ID: 35 

Concatenated Image Compression and Encryption 

Abdulaziz Alshaya and Saleh Komies 

Paper ID: 43 

Using COVID-19 Masks Dataset to Implement Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Facial  Emotion Recognition 

Salem Tegani and Abdelmoutia Telli 

Paper ID: 47 

{UE} Current Consumption on MIMO in {LTE-A} Systems 

Alvaro Javier Ortega, Weskley Vinicius Fernandes Mauricio, Heitor De Freitas Viera and Paulo  Thiago Marreiros Santos 

Paper ID: 51 

Machine Learning Algorithms Evaluation for Phishing URLs Classification Amine Berqia and Habiba Bouijij

Paper ID: 61 

Predicting Quality of Life using Machine Learning: Case of World Happiness Index Ayoub Jannani, Sael Nawal and Faouzia Benabbou 

Paper ID: 62 

Developing an Indoor Location Guidance System for a College Campus Environment Thamer Alkhamis, Patricia Davies, Saifullah Shafiq and Ahmed Hussain 

Paper ID: 77 

Evaluation of Transfer Learning based Deep Learning Architectures for Waste Classification 

Sukhendra Singh, Jyoti Gautam, Sursingh Rawat, Vimal Gupta, Gyanendra Kumar and Lal  Pratap Verma 

Paper ID: 78 

Title: Car Detection and Recognition using Deep Learning Techniques  

Sursingh Rawat, Jyoti Gautam, Sukhendra Singh, Vimal Gupta, Gyanendra Kumar and Lal  Pratap Verma 

Paper ID: 100 

A Framework of Multi-point Infrared Temperature Screening System for COVID-19 Pandemic Mehmet Cem Catalbas 

Paper ID: 52 

IoT-based Farming Robot 

Mohammed Khory, Ibrahim Al Zuwaid, Ahmed Al Motawa, Ahmed Hussain, Nizar Tayem and  Samir El-Nakla 

Paper ID: 111 

Arabic Sign Language Using Deep Machine Learning 

Wael Suliman, Mohamed Mohandes, Mohamed Deriche, Hamza Luqman and Craig Codrington

Paper ID: 117 

Covid-19 Detection based on the Fine-Tuned MobileNetv2 through Lung X-rays Maria Yaqoob, Huma Ayub and Farman Hassan 

Paper ID: 101 

A Novel Graphical Password Authentication Scheme with Improved Usability  

Touraj Khodadadi, Faranak Rabiei, Mazdak Zamani, Yashar Javadianasl, Mojtaba Alizadeh and  Saman Shojae Chaeikar 

Paper ID: 104 

Stretchable Wearable Crowd Monitoring System 

Jhonathan Rojas, Alaa Hussein, Hussein Alzaher and Mohamed Mohandes

Paper ID: 106 

Fraud Prediction in Pakistani E-commerce Market 

Muhammad Sabih, Khurram Karim Quershi, Muhammad Usman Asad and Umar Farooq